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Detox & Let Go of the Old Job

People often struggle with the transition into a new job because they have not let go of their old one. Many people keep thinking “at my last job we did….” instead of  “what am I going to do here and now?”. If you have just started a new role and you can’t get yourself to properly detox from an old job try to follow these 4 steps:

1. Reset Yourself

Before starting your new role, give yourself a few days to reset from your old one. Don’t be afraid to vent to supportive friends and talk to an old boss or mentor. Maybe your old job was not a healthy environment for you, maybe you were pushed out, or maybe you came to terms with the fact you could do better. Whatever the reasons for the change, the past experience has made you what you are today. Focus on something you learned and enjoyed—like great skill, the amazing people you met, or the work experience you now have on your resume.

2. Stop Talking About The Past

It is great that you learned a lot in your last job and can add experience and value to your new role, but the rest is history, let it go. Make a conscious effort to only mention your old job when specifically asked and catch yourself using its vernacular or jargon. If you are talking about it all the time, then you are thinking about it all the time and neither are beneficial to your success in your new role. Start talking about your new company, the benefits of what your role can do for the company and how you are going to make a difference. The sooner you start referring to your new colleagues as ‘we’ the better. Think this, share this with others and let the past be the past.

3. Become a Brand Ambassador

The quickest way to stop talking about the old is to live and breathe the new. Become a brand ambassador for your new company. Learn everything you can about what they have to offer, how they are different, and what they will do to benefit those that buy the product or service. Talk positively, help increase brand awareness and begin to sell the brand.

4. Focus on the Culture

It’s time to get smart and serious. Take an hour out of your day to write down a list of your key strengths and then, for each one, take some notes on how you can best utilize that strength in your new role. In your first week make a conscious effort to observe the culture and fit in. Do people dress up or dress down? Do people grab a quick snack at their desks or gather together for a social lunch? Are internal emails formal or fun? Do people socialize outside of work? All of these things are what define the corporate culture and understanding them will make your transition that much easier.

For more information on how to enable a smooth transition into a new role please connect with us. We offer some great Hot-Start coaching to ensure people hit the ground running.

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