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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo…..5 Key Tips To Successful Executive Hires

Hiring decisions are critical to a company, and none more so than hiring the executives and leaders of your business. They are the lifeblood that builds your brand and drives your culture. Hire the right person and life is good. Hire the wrong person and all the money that went into hiring and training them walks out the door the minute they do; leaving a sea of negativity in their wake.

Here are the 5 top tips from Bedford Jones on how to take the guess work out of the executive hiring process:

  1. Be crystal clear what you are looking for.

Before you begin any search activity, make sure you fully understand the key requirements and deliverables of the role, and what characteristics will be needed to fulfil them. Bedford Jones conducts a deep dive into our clients’ business by clearly understanding the candidate competencies that determine a successful performance. We review job descriptions and company documents. But we also interview multiple stakeholders, not just about the role, but also about the culture, values and the corporate vision. Once we pool all that information together we know what ‘great’ looks like for the role/hire.

  1. Give insight as to what the role really entails

Bedford Jones give each potential candidate a clear view of the role they are up for. We provide an example of what we call, “A Day in the Life”.  This provides insights into the day-to-day activity in the role and a reality of what it will be like. This will also allow candidates to judge for themselves whether the role and organization are right for them. It encourages people to really think about whether they want to apply, and in many situations, this starts the filter process.

  1. Use psychometric assessments that are aligned to the required competencies.

To identify the best-fit candidates in the applicant pool, always pre-screen candidates who pass the phone interview with a handful of assessments to understand their capabilities and how those capabilities align with the key competencies for the role. The assessments we use will vary per role and are selected by psychologists. These results help to filter out candidates who are not best suited for the role and candidates who can build the brand.

  1. Align the candidate’s beliefs with the organization’s culture by using an Organizational Culture Questionnaire. 

When an executive role is being posted, request for clients to go through an organizational culture survey that’s completed by current employees. At Bedford Jones there is no additional cost to our search fee for this.  The OCQ gives us a clear understanding as to what it’s like to be inside the business and it also ensures candidates are aligned to both the requirements of the role and the company culture.

  1. Provide a top-notch candidate experience.

Whether or not a candidate is offered a job, it is so important to provide them with a positive recruitment experience. Candidates will tell everyone they know about the experience they had with you and it could damage the company brand, the executive recruitment firm used and public opinion. Always keep candidates up-to-date with the progress of their application and aim to respond in a supportive and positive manner when communicating, particularly in email. Also try to give candidates some form of feedback so they have key takeaways that will help them in the future.

If you are looking to fill a senior position and need a candidate to build your brand and drive your culture, give Bedford Jones a call. We are disrupting executive search by being different and taking the risk out of executive hires. Let us help you today! info@bedfordjones.com

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