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Looking Beyond the Resume: Matching People with Organizations

At Bedford Jones we are all about looking beyond the resume and matching people with organizations. Of course the role has to be right, but it is important to look beyond the job tasks and responsibilities. For any of us to achieve our full potential, to perform at our best, and to enjoy doing it, we need the right environment and the right people around us. Every organization and every team is different. It takes all sorts of people to create a success. Some people perform well when the pressure is on and the deadlines are tight. Others are more effective when given the time and space to think and plan. When you find yourself working in the right place, it all comes together.

The challenge is being able to match up the individual with the organization. And it is a challenge that is worthy of overcoming. No one wins when the match is poor. Everyone wins when the match is good. At Bedford Jones we apply the science of psychology to the challenge. First we use research based techniques to fully understand the culture and the type of people who flourish in the organization. Then we ask candidates to complete a personal review. This includes the traditional questions about past experience and career plans, but it also includes measures of personality, values and motivations. When we look at the two sides it quickly becomes clear to see how well the person will fit with the role and the organization.

Sometimes job seekers are concerned when we ask them to undergo a personal review. In particular some people view the personality questionnaire and problem solving test as intrusive. While this is understandable we are convinced that it is more helpful to everyone to use these standardized measures than to have someone make subjective evaluations about you based on an informal discussion. We always provide our candidates with the results of the assessments and give them the opportunity to comment on these.

How many times have you heard of someone taking a new job and then changing roles again within six months? This is known as fast turnover, and is a clear sign that the selection process has failed. Rarely does the problem lie with the job changer, but rather that their strengths and personality were not aligned with the role or the environment. When matching you with your ideal position, a personal review helps us to ensure we are able to match your abilities and interests with both the role and the organization’s culture.

If you are a candidate looking for a job that you can dominate, then reach out to us. We want to place you where you can make a difference, both for yourself and your employer.

If you have an opening and want to see what a Bedford Jones search looks like give us a call or drop us an email.



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