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Are You Taking A Risk with Your Next Role? Maybe You Should.

Landing the job of your dreams takes guts. It requires a leap of faith, risk and uncertainty, and pushes your self-confidence to its limits. It also requires you to manage all levels of fear: fear of failure, fear of spending your life in the wrong career, fear of staying in your current situation because you are too afraid to make the change. But some risks are worth taking, and if you play your cards right, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible by pushing fear aside and unblocking your road to success.

Time is of the essence: You have applied for the dream job and gone through the interview process that now presents an offer; panic sets in. “I’m just not sure now is the best time.” But actually what you should ask yourself is, “If not now, when?”Time is of the essence, and time is flying by. Before you know it, five years have passed and should-of, would-of, could-of sets in. This is something we all are familiar with and this comes down to timing, risk, facing the fear, and making sure to not regret the decision to play it safe.

Self-doubt: You have crushed the interviews, the team wants you and now it’s down to you, but you are not focusing on what you will bring to the table but rather the things you’re lacking (or think you’re lacking). This apprehension and anxiety needs to be turned around. Going into a new role gives you an opportunity to grow. It allows you to embrace any shortcomings and breeds development. It also allows you to take the skills you have built up and put them to good use. Taking control of your self-doubt may mean literally putting one foot in front of the other to start the journey, but this is you paving the way towards success and you are capable of handling it.

Pursuing what you love.  If you have your sights on the dream job, don’t let the dollar sign dictate your choices when deciding if it’s right for you. Your career should lead to financial security but if this $ security is the defining factor, it’s unlikely you will end up doing what you love. Also, make sure your family and friends understand how important this opportunity is to you. Even though there could be a risk attached to the role, you have the capability to do this job, love this job, and of reaping some serious rewards.

Instead of believing you need to stay safe, now’s not a good time, and you don’t have the capability, rethink R-I-S-K as an opportunity to succeed rather than a path to failure. It’s the fear of failure that’s blocking your road to success. Don’t feed this fear – your instincts will draw you towards an unknown path where something big is waiting for you.  Allow yourself to let the adventure begin. Risk = Opportunity = Success

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