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Tired of Paying for Retained Search?

Are you thinking of engaging a headhunter for your next Executive Search but are not sure if you want to be trapped by a retained agreement? Or maybe you just did a retained search and after handing over 2/3rd’s of the fee, you still don’t have the right candidate for the role and now you’re questioning what to do next?

The birth of our company, Bedford Jones, actually came from our own frustration of traditional Executive Search. Over the years our talent management consultancy has screened many short-listed candidates for our clients that were provided by Executive Search companies. In doing this we realized that many traditional search companies were short-listing people because they had done a similar job and interviewed well. They were not pre-screening them with psychometric assessments to see if they had the capability, leadership potential or the drive to do the job.

We pre-screen every candidate with an in-depth psychometric assessment before they are even put on a candidate shortlist. For more than 30 years our talent management consultancy has been using these assessments to match candidates to organizational culture and to make sure they outperform in the role. Now we are bringing this expertise directly to you as part of the Bedford Jones solution. We believe in this process. So much so that we don’t hold you to ransom with a retainer. We offer our services 100% contingency.  What does this mean? Well, any HR procurement personnel knows that with retained search you pay up front. You are paying for someone to search for you. Bedford Jones actually functions like retained search, but doesn’t roll out the high fees without a delivery. We take payment only when we deliver.

We are so confident in our candidates that we take on the risk and expense of developing relationships and providing our candidate reports to our clients without any money upfront. Not only are we contingent, we have set fees based on hiring level without a percentage cut. We are not here to make companies commit to nothing, we are here to give our clients a solution, and if we don’t have it we say it. We get paid only after a candidate accepts a job offer.

So think about this the next time an Executive Search company asks you to hand of $100K upfront before you have even seen what they can do. Give Bedford Jones a week to see what we can do, and if you are not happy with the result you can always go back to traditional headhunters.



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