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Are You Taking A Risk with Your Next Role? Maybe You Should.

Landing the job of your dreams takes guts. It requires a leap of faith, risk and uncertainty, and pushes your self-confidence to its limits. It also requires you to manage all levels of fear: fear of failure, fear of… Read More

The Biggest Mistakes I See On A Resume & How to Avoid Them

Your resume is a digital introduction to a potential employer. It’s the first impression you make before you’re seen or heard and, in most cases, the resume determines if you’re going to move to the next step in the… Read More

The Rules You Weren’t Taught At School

The Rules You Weren’t Taught At School I came across a great article highlighting a speech Bill Gates apparently gave to an audience of high school students in 2003, but as I dug a bit deeper I found… Read More

What the Movie Office Space Teaches Us about Culture & Leaders

This weekend I managed to watch the 1999 cult-classic Office Space starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston. I had not seen this movie in years, but watching it again reiterated why this movie is truly unforgettable. Office Space is packed with… Read More

Age Is Just A Number

In the past few months I’ve had many candidates tell me the job search is harder the older they get. As they go through the interview process they are finding that hiring managers are looking for the unskilled worker… Read More

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo…..5 Key Tips To Successful Executive Hires

Hiring decisions are critical to a company, and none more so than hiring the executives and leaders of your business. They are the lifeblood that builds your brand and drives your culture. Hire the right person and life… Read More

Looking Beyond the Resume: Matching People with Organizations

At Bedford Jones we are all about looking beyond the resume and matching people with organizations. Of course the role has to be right, but it is important to look beyond the job tasks and responsibilities. For any of us to… Read More

Tired of Paying for Retained Search?

Are you thinking of engaging a headhunter for your next Executive Search but are not sure if you want to be trapped by a retained agreement? Or maybe you just did a retained search and after handing over 2/3rd’s… Read More

Six Signs It’s Time to Start A Job Search

It’s 9:35 in the morning and you are sitting at your desk staring off into space trying to decide what to do next. It’s a new day and you just can’t get your engine started. Where’s the passion, the… Read More

Detox & Let Go of the Old Job

People often struggle with the transition into a new job because they have not let go of their old one. Many people keep thinking “at my last job we did….” instead of  “what am I going to do here and now?”. If you have just started… Read More