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What We Do

The Bedford Jones process is faster and more effective than traditional Executive Search. Our success is based on the satisfaction of our clients and the growth of our candidates. We do not work on searches, we solve them.

We are truly objective in our approach by using a portfolio of proprietary hfi psychometric assessments to give you a short list of candidates we have pre-screened. This executive search process give us the ability to understand personality and behavior of our candidates. Before candidate profiles come to your inbox, we have already matched them to the job role and the culture fit of your organization.

We start the executive search by understanding your organization, the culture and the role that needs to be filled.  We then go through our database of pre-screened candidates to determine if any we already have are suitable to fill the role.  If we don’t have the ideal candidate we cast a wider net to find the one.  We don’t bog you down with a heaping stack of resumes, we filter the candidate pool to provide you a shortlist of candidates and clearly identify their strengths and any possible concerns, advising you on interview questions and supporting you to make your selection.

Stage 1: Understanding the Organization

We start by talking to your key people using a scientifically designed approach to understand the culture of your organization. We then focus on the vacancy itself, going beyond the normal job description to define the underlying success characteristics for the role

Stage 2: Candidate Presentation

We only present candidates who have completed a full assessment and have shown that they match your requirements. This level of pre-screening removes the need for a long list and speeds up your decision making process. We present you with ideal candidates for the role.

Stage 3: Identifying Candidates

We begin the search on our proprietary database of over 20,000 pre-screened international executives. If we do not have an ideal candidate, we let you know that we are casting a wider public search. We then reach out to potential candidates and have them complete the assessment before we recommend them to you.

Stage 4: Placement and Transition

Our fixed fee approach removes any conflict of interest at the negotiation stage. So we are free to facilitate the discussion. But our involvement doesn’t stop there. Our hot-start transition coaching ensures that your chosen candidate hits the ground running and fulfills their potential to deliver for your organization.