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Who We Are

At Bedford Jones, our mission is to be transparent in our approach, inspire trust, and remove all obstacles to create the best possible partnerships between our clients and candidates. We specialize in putting forward senior candidates with the leadership capability to drive performance.

Using objective and scientific assessments, Bedford Jones searches look beyond the experience and the resume to identify candidates with the energy, ability and passion to drive business success. We don’t stop with placement either.  We support our candidates through the transition into their new role with hot-start coaching to ensure they succeed during the most critical time.

No more long-lists

Our scientific approach uses the power of psychometric assessments to match our candidates with your role requirements and corporate culture. We filter, profile each candidate, pull our shortlist and then send you the selection. We do the work, not you.

Fixed Fees

Bedford Jones don’t take a percentage of candidate earnings. Our executive search fees are fixed so you know exactly what you are paying and when. We need nothing up front and get paid only when the job is done.

Contingency Factor

At Bedford Jones we believe in our pre-screening approach and will never constrain you with 100% retained only search contracts. We work to solve a search — that’s it.  One third of our fee is always contingent – if you don’t sign one of our candidates the engagement fee is contigent. If we can’t find someone for the role, we will tell you, but we will continue to filter and search until the job is done.


Bedford Jones always guarantee our candidates for 6 months. We extend that guarantee to two years if you support them with our transition coaching. You get an extended guarantee and your new hire gets the best possible start.